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Apple's 100-Person iWatch Design Team Includes iPhone, iPad Engineers

If recent reports are right, that hotly rumored Apple smartwatch will arrive sooner rather than later.

Apple's 100-Person iWatch Design Team Includes iPhone, iPad Engineers

Are you ready for Apple's iWatch?

Bloomberg has joined the swirl of rumors about an Apple smartwatch with some very specific details: It says about 100 product designers are at work on the task, comprising managers, marketers, and engineers who had previously worked on the iPad and iPhone. The sources speaking to Bloomberg also mentioned that James Foster (a senior director of engineering) and manager Achim Pantfoerder are involved. Naming people from a team like this inside Apple's highly secretive product development process is extremely unusual. The size of the team is being taken as a hint Apple's really serious about this product, more so than what may just be "hobby" projects such as Apple TV.

Bloomberg's news comes just days after both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal mentioned slightly different aspects of the plan, and shortly after a prominent ex-Appler talked about the idea. Apple has long been suspected of controlling its story by carefully leaking details to the press, particularly favoring the Wall Street Journal.

So what do you think: Is Apple's really working on a smartwatch? If so, would you buy one?

[Image: Flickr user dailylifeofmojo]