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Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Needs To Cut Apps From 60 to 12

The Yahoo CEO said the apps need to better focus on its users' needs and "daily habits."

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Needs To Cut Apps From 60 to 12

Another target of Marissa Mayer's Yahoo makeover may be the company's mobile apps, she said Tuesday while speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Business Insider reported.

According to the report, Mayer said that Yahoo needs to cut down the number of apps from 60 to 12 to better focus on its users needs and "daily habits" of checking sports, news, stocks, and email. It's not the first time that Mayer has mentioned focusing on users' daily habits: During the fourth quarter earnings call she told investors that the company is focusing on about a dozen new products, which each focus on improving a different "digital daily habit."

What apps would you pick to stay?

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