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Minecraft Goes Free For $25 Raspberry Pi Computer

Tiny, cheap computer gets huge, free game boost.

Minecraft Goes Free For $25 Raspberry Pi Computer

The British Raspberry Pi computer is already hugely popular thanks to its hacker charms and education-friendly price and company ethos, but the tiny device just got a huge PR boost: Mojang, which makes Minecraft, has said it's released a version of the game for Raspberry Pis. It's a slightly cut-down version of the game with limited gameplay, although because Mojang has given access to the game code it means it's a home-brew hacker's heaven.

The idea, according to the company, is to enhance the kind of grassroots coding and hardware design learning experience that Raspberry Pi itself is all about. A new lower power version of the Pi units has just gone on sale for a low price of £20 ($32).

[Image: Flickr user ants88]