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Where Are They Now?

Groupon Acquires MashLogic To Shut Down Britely, While CrowdSavings Finds Buyer Half Off Depot And Is Rebranded nCrowd

Here's today's daily deal news. Two for the price of one, so don't say we're not getting into the spirit of it. *yawns*

Groupon, that behemoth of the daily deal, that MIC of 2011, that (insert your own Groupon homage here. PLEASE.)... er... Internet thing has bought up MashLogic, the firm behind Britely. Just to shut it down*. Britely, if you're not aware, is a little add-on tool that allows people to save things they come across on the Intertubes, and it's that bit that will be shutting down, not the whole MashLogic shaboodle. The deal seems to be more like an acquihire thing, it seems from their blog. Acquihire? Oh, allow me to explain. So, you like the people in a firm, you like what they do, you're worried they might develop something that will put you out of business, or get bought by someone else with the wherewithal to put you out of business, so you buy them up in order to stay in business and further develop your business. Gorblimey, imagine how fat the dictionary of innovation would be if I were writing/editing** it. Ahem.

Anyway. On to the other daily deal news. (I know, we at Fast Company spoil you, don't we?) CrowdSavings, a daily deal firm that acquired 15—count 'em—Groupon wannabes, has been acquired by Half Off Depot. The deal, costing HOD $6.4 million in cash and stock, will see both companies being rebranded as nCrowd. As AllThingsD's Tricia Duryee points out, the wa-woo-wee-wa bit of this story (please come back and be my friend, I'm on tablets, you know) is that the sum total of nCrowd is an amazing 19 companies combined. Amazing.

*Please sing that sentence as if you were Johnny Cash. Thanks!
**It goes without saying that I am using that word in the loosest possible way.

[Image by Flickr user +whup+]