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Verizon Calls Out Battery-Draining Apps

Want to keep your phone running? Stay out of Grand Theft Auto III and more.

Verizon Calls Out Battery-Draining Apps

Verizon may have gotten rid of its own App store (and subsequent reviews that go with it) in Nov. 2012, but the company hasn't gotten out of the business of rating apps. In a new blog post, as Businessweek first noted, the company listed which apps are most likely to drain your phone's battery and have the highest security risk.

Among the biggest offenders are Asphalt 7:Heat, a car game that according to Verizon can drain a user's phone battery more than twice as fast as it would drain without playing it; Doodle Jump (which Kevin Durant will be happy to hear); Wreck It Ralph, Jail Escape, Grand Theft Auto III and more.

The company isn't totally on a rampage against apps though. In another blog post it listed the 20 must-have apps which include DropBox, eBay, Evernote and TripAdvisor.

What apps have you noticed draining your phone quickly? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo by flickr user Piperspicktv]