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Twitter's Promoted Trends Fee Soars To $200,000 A Day

The rising price of Twitter's promoted trends ad service proves there's money in them there tweets.

Twitter's Promoted Trends Fee Soars To $200,000 A Day

Twitter, AllThingsD reports, has been steadily increasing the price it charges for a company to sponsor a "promoted trend" in users' Twitter webpages and inside mobile apps on top of the real chatter-driven trends sourced in tweet streams. The service cost went up earlier in 2013, and it now costs $200,000 per day (and per territory, though where territories start and stop appears to be unclear)—up from $150,000 in 2012 and $80,000 at launch in 2010. Those are like NYC subway fare spikes!

Trends provide a very simple but reliable type of brand exposure. The price hike is a sign that the service is proving popular with advertisers, and that the system really does work by increasing customer engagement.

Is Twitter's revenue-generating future based on these sort of low-level, non-intrusive adverts? Or will the company have to be more aggressive?

[Image: Flickr user vastateparksstaff]