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See The Nemo Storm Through Hundreds Of Different Lenses

Chute powered with NBC News to create a Stormgrams map to show what's happening around the country.

See The Nemo Storm Through Hundreds Of Different Lenses

Want to see what Nemo finding the Northeast looks like? Partnering with Chute, NBC News has created a "Stormgrams" map of the United States with photos of the storm submitted by users from around the country. The map, which as of post time had collected more than 715 pictures from New Yorkers and 492 from Massachusetts, draws in photos from users who submit them on Twitter with the hashtag #NBCNewsPics.

Chute co-founder Ranvir Gujral told Fast Company that he believes being able to show the news or even brands through thousands of eyes on the ground around the world will be the future of storytelling. "It paints a different picture on the news," he said.

At the Y Combinator-backed company, Gujral said they talk a lot internally about the so-called "visual revolution." After all, he points out, there were half a trillion pictures taken last year alone — or 10% of the pictures ever taken in history.

NBC News also used similar maps for the election and for superstorm Sandy. It's a trend that most likely will continue in the future — after all, it seems to fit in with the continuing trend of citizen journalism's power in the news.

What do you think of the Stormgrams map? Let us know in the comments.