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Wondering If The Snow Truck Is Coming Soon? This Map Could Help

But if you're not in New York, we have some other apps for you as well.

Wondering If The Snow Truck Is Coming Soon? This Map Could Help

With the impending Nemo blizzard coming to the Northeast the New York City Department of Sanitation created a map to help residents track when the snow plow is coming to their neighborhood.

The map, which is available at, compiles information about snow removal designation, snow vehicle tracker, information on public safety and transportation data for residents facing some (still undetermined) amount of snow. Authorities are hoping in addition to being helpful, it can cut down on calls to 311, which is normally overloaded during extreme weather.

Check out the snow map here, click here. And for some more apps to help you track the weather click here or for an app that will tell you its a sunnier day coming no matter what click here. Need some help deciding what to wear tonight? Click here and for an iPhone app that predicts the weather up to the minute click here.

Need more apps? Check out this slideshow of eight solutions to the world's oldest problem: weather.

[Picture by Flickr user monocat]