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AOL Grows Sales Again, Eight Years Late

AOL has reported that for the first time in eight years, it has grown its revenues.

AOL Grows Sales Again, Eight Years Late

AOL isn't shy about its success—it headlined its press release about its fourth-quarter finances with the news of its first revenue growth in eight years. AOL's overall growth was actually driven by 13% growth in its global ad revenues. Search revenues were up 17%. Subscription revenue actually declined 10%, but this is AOL's "lowest percentage decline in 6 years." AOL also remarked that its board has authorized the repurchase of "up to $100 Million of Common Stock."

AOL "imploded" in 2007, and has since made many moves in its struggles to achieve the same success as beforehand.

Can AOL maneuver itself back into global relevance again?

[Image: Flickr user jasonpersse]