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BBC To Start Trial Shows Online

Auntie Beeb use its iPlayer to test audience reaction to new, original content.

BBC To Start Trial Shows Online

The BBC has taken a leaf out of Netflix's book and is to trial selected TV shows online. Up to 40 hours of original material will be tested on the corporation's iPlayer. This is a follow-on from last year, when a couple of comedy pilots and a Doctor Who web series were made available on the streaming service, which last month reported some pretty impressive stats for 2012..

Media analyst Clare Enders told the Daily Telegraph the BBC's initiative is "an interesting experiment to see how much people follow specific shows," she told. "The BBC accounts for around 20% of all viewing in the country, and it is such a significant force that it can afford to experiment." For a state-run entity, the Beeb has proved itself remarkably innovative as regards the online TV revolution. It allows users to download and store TV shows on their mobile gadgets and is now very much a global force on the online viewing front.

[Image: Flickr user restlessglobetrotter]