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Bjork Chops Kickstarter Campaign For Biophilia Android and Windows 8 Apps

The Icelandic pop singer's campaign was not flourishing.

An attempt by Bjork to crowdsource funds to continue work on her Biophilia project has been cancelled, according to the project's web page. The Icelandic singer had launched the campaign on Kickstarter at the beginning of the year, asking for £375,000 ($591,000) to create Android and Windows 8 versions of the app, which turns the concepts and songs of the album into interactive art. In 10 days, however, just over £15,000, or $23,600, had been raised.

"Dear Folks!" her message began, all in lower case. "Thanks so much for your donations! This is an odd one for me to ask of you but it proved unbelievably complicated to reprogram biophilia for Android and more, it will take 8 programmers 5 months!!! But I feel I cannot leave this project before this has been done since it seems to the area where it can bloom most. We are already getting a regular school curriculum written out and so incredibly many have reached out to us so eager to adapt Biophilia's musicology angle to their schools. I'm grateful, warmth, Bjork."

Lady Gaga has followed in Bjork's footsteps, making her ARTPOP album available as an app.

[Image by Flickr user Foxtongue]