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Lance Armstrong Sued By Promoter For $12 Million

The disgraced cyclist was stripped of his Tour de France titles last year.

Lance Armstrong Sued By Promoter For $12 Million

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is being sued for the $12 million he won in bonuses for winning three of his seven Tour de France championships, Bloomberg News reported Thursday. The lawsuit was widely expected after Armstrong was stripped of his titles following testimony by his former teammates before the U.S. Anti-Doping Association. He also admitted to Oprah earlier this year that he had used performance enhancing drugs in many of his wins.

The lawsuit is just the latest consequence the cyclist has faced for doping. Armstrong lost most of his endorsements and stepped down from his Livestrong foundation last year after being stripped of his titles.

SCA Promotions filed the suit to "to start the process of forcing Mr. Armstrong to deal with the consequences of his actions," a spokesman for the company told Bloomberg.

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