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Using Vine To Cover Breaking News

Turkish journalist Tulin Daloglu successfully used Vine to document the suicide bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Turkey.

Using Vine To Cover Breaking News

A Turkish journalist successfully used Vine to capture the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy last week. Tulin Daloglu, a columnist for Al-Monitor and a New York Times contributor, posted the videos to her @turkeypulse Twitter feed.

Here are a selection from the six videos, which show the immediate aftermath of the bombing in Ankara.

The American Embassy in Ankara, Turkey's capital city, was attacked on February 1 by a suicide bomber believed to be Ecevit Şanlı of the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, a Marxist-Leninist group. A security guard was killed in the attack. Daloglu's films are one of the first attempts to use Vine for journalism purposes. Journalists are discussing potential uses for Vine in the future.

[Image: Twitter user TurkeyPulse]