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Where Are They Now?

Airbnb Doubled Number Of Listings In 2012

Up next for the startup? Fiji

Airbnb Doubled Number Of Listings In 2012

Airbnb, the online marketplace which hooks up people renting a room to people looking for a place to crash, more than doubled its number of listings in 2012. The company, according to its website, grew from 120,000 listings at the start of the year to end with a whopping 300,000 places to stay around the world.

The growth comes as the startup expanded its offices around the world from London to Sao Paulo according to its annual report. The listings, by the way, now include everything from barns in West Virginia to houses in London. The service expects to expand to more temporary homes in Madagascar, Fiji and Nepal.

Earlier this year, Fast Company spoke to Airbnb's Trust and Safety manager about how he keeps customers' safe and last year FC spoke to its co-founder Joe Gebbia.

[Photo by Flickr user icedseoul]