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Siri-ish Voice System Tipped For Next Xbox

The next-gen games console wars are hotting up, and Microsoft may be going for a chatty solution.

Siri-ish Voice System Tipped For Next Xbox

According to a new rumor at TheVerge, Microsoft may be building clever Siri-like natural language technology into its upcoming successor to the Xbox 360 games console. The speech systems will cover text-to-speech and may even wake the Xbox on vocal commands. But the most meaningful speech integration will see the machine reply vocally when players ask which of their friends are online and even suggest games to play after detecting who's standing in the room. It's also suggested Microsoft has improved the business of discovering games and content with a speech interface.

Meanwhile Sony is due to reveal its next-gen console, the PlayStation 4, on February 20. While no technical specs have leaked out yet, one source has suggested that the price of the console will be over $400 at launch in late 2013 (possibly early 2014 in some regions).

Are you desperate for the next Xbox or Playstation? Do you think you'll be chatting to it while you play?

[Image: Flickr user odolphie]