The Most Influential SharePoint Experts In Europe

SharePoint provides the collaboration infrastructure in 80% of large organizations. Here are the top 25 influential people who make that work in Europe.

The Most Influential SharePoint Experts In Europe

Ever heard of SharePoint? If you are like most people, the answer is probably not, which is surprising considering it is a vital part of the information technology infrastructure in almost 80% of the world’s largest organizations, according to Forrester Research.


Microsoft’s SharePoint is the plumbing over which people in business collaborate on documents and share knowledge. With so much riding on the effective use of SharePoint, it’s no surprise that there is a huge community of SharePoint consultants, systems integrators, and experts who support and ensure the success of these projects.

Last November, social software company, where I’m an executive, commissioned its second annual campaign to uncover these leaders in the international SharePoint community. Now for the first time, has revealed the results of a month-long community poll to discover the top 25 most influential people in the European SharePoint community. The results were publicized this week at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen. During January 2013, members of the European SharePoint community cast votes to identify the most influential members of their community. In keeping with the social nature of this collaborative community, the polling approach employed the very mechanism that the winners use on a daily basis to impact the businesses with which they work. When it was over, more than 2,000 people in the European SharePoint community weighed in.

Some interesting statistics from the campaign: Germany produced the most representatives with six out of the top 25 influencers, followed by the United Kingdom with 5, and Sweden with 3. The breakdown of the voters was fairly representative of the per country results with nearly 21.5% of the vote coming from Germany, 8.8% from the U.K., and 8.3% from Belgium.

The top 10 European SharePoint influencers are the following:

  1. Gokan Ozcifci (@gokanozcifci, Belgium) – SharePoint and architecture enthusiast. The founder of and the LinkedIn group “SharePoint How-To.” A handpicked Microsoft Community Contributor and moderator on the TechNet Forums.
  2. Spencer Harbar (@harbars, United Kingdom) – Enterprise architect who helps organizations implement and drive value based upon Microsoft SharePoint.
  3. Michael Greth (@mysharepoint, Germany) – SharePoint specialist, Microsoft MVP, consultant, podcaster, speaker and author. Self-defined social software geek.
  4. Andrej Doms (@rubykon, Germany) – SharePoint enthusiast, UserGroup Düsseldorf Lead, conference speaker.
  5. Oliver Wirkus (@owirkus, Germany) – Certified MCTS, MCPD and MCT. A senior consultant, speaker, author and blogger. A curious SharePoint enthusiast currently focused on SharePoint 2013.
  6. Corrado Iorizzo (@corradoi, Switzerland) – Solution Architect at Cambridge Technology Partners.
  7. Falak Mahmood (@falaky, Sweden) – SharePoint Architect at CGI. Specializes in software design, architecture and implementation.
  8. Wictor Wilen (@wictor, Sweden) – Senior SharePoint Specialist with Connecta AB. Has achieved MCA certification in SharePoint 2010, MCSM in SharePpint and MCM in SharePoint 2010. Microsoft MVP for three consecutive years.
  9. Abi Onifade (@abionifade, United Kingdom) – Leads the Systems Engineering team at AvePoint UK. Passionate for SharePoint and its user community. A frequent speaker at SharePoint community events and conferences.
  10. Chris O’Brien (@ChrisO_Brien, United Kingdom) – Independent SharePoint/.Net consultant. Has worked with Microsoft technologies for 12 years. Is MCSD. Net and SharePoint certified.

The entire list of 25 is shown in the infographic below.

Since the European SharePoint community is made up of a network of regional communities, also published a list of the top the influencers in each country, as identified by the voting results. These people are working within their countries to promote adoption of SharePoint and are the inspiration for innovative ideas to help organizations and users be more collaborative. See the infographic here; get the full story here.


–Author David Lavenda is a product strategy and marketing executive at He also does academic research on information overload in organizations and he is an international scholar for the Society for the History of Technology. He tweets from @dlavenda.

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