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Video Chat And Sharing Site Rabbit Launches But Avoids Smartphones

A new mashup of social chatting and content sharing has just launched in test phase, on Macs only.

Rabbit has just launched in a private beta test phase, and unlike many other efforts to be the "Instagram for video" or similar content-based social networking systems, it's not an app on your phone or tablet: It's a native Mac app only.

Rabbit's main core is its social chatting engine, which seems to be something like a cross between Chatroulette and IMing. But packaged alongside the video-chat system is a content-sharing power that means you can share movies, TV shows, clips of your own, YouTube videos, music, photos, and so on. The idea is almost the inverse of YouTube, and what's being chatted about is that the chatting is the main core of the app and the content is being shared.

Considering the sameness of many social media sharing sites, Rabbit's approach is refreshingly different, though we'll have to wait for a more public launch to check it out. But do you think it stands a chance of doing for video chats what Instagram has done for photos?