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Congress Will See Controversial Drone Memo

A memo that seems to permit drone attacks on U.S. citizens will be scrutinized in Congress.

Congress Will See Controversial Drone Memo

The controversial classified Department of Justice memo that permits the use of weaponized drones on U.S. targets (in exceptional circumstances) will be released to Congress, the New York Times reports. Two Congressional Intelligence Committees will be allowed to see the document, which originated in 2010 at the Justice Department. At the time, the department's Office of Legal Counsel was looking into the drone attack that killed a Yemeni-based terrorist who was American-born. The Obama administration had been facing harsh public and political criticism about the memo, which has now been splashed across the headlines.

Drones are being used in more and more domains in an astonishing boom in use, both domestically and militarily overseas, with everyone from Google to the MPAA getting involved.

Do you feel drone tech is something that needs to be controlled more closely? Will drones become an everyday thing?

[Image: Flickr user ddebold]