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Yahoo Announces Advertising Partnership With Google

The deal will put Google's AdSense for Content and AdMob on Yahoo's network of sites, meaning better targeted, more relevant ads for its users.

Yahoo Announces Advertising Partnership With Google

Yahoo, that great Internet firm that looked in danger of going the way of the dinosaurs until recently, has announced a new partnership with Google. The deal is a non-exclusive one that will put Google ads on Yahoo web properties worldwide (because it's the worldwide web, right?) and looks very much like the result of CEO Marissa Mayer's tenure at Mountain View (she was employee No. 20.) Last year she rifled through the firm's capacious filing cabinets in Google's HR department and selected Henrique De Castro as her new COO.

The idea behind this is, says Yahoo, to "expand our network, which means we can serve users with ads that are even more meaningful." The firm stresses that, outwardly, everything will look exactly as it used to, but users will be getting a sharper-cut relevance to their advertising, thanks to the exquisite tailoring of Google's made-to-measure algorithm. (That's enough of the new suit analogy, thanks, the Ed.) The deal takes in both AdSense for Content and AdMob services, which means that Mayer, who has been busy outlining her plans for the firm at various earnings calls, can focus on her promise of betting big on the mobile experience.

[Image by Flickr user Yodel Anecdotal]