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Where Are They Now?

Hunter Walk, Satya Patel Forming New Venture Capital Firm: Report

The YouTube head of product and former Twitter VP of product reportedly plan to back tech startups that "enable the people-based economy."

Hunter Walk, You Tube's head of product, is joining forces with Twitter's former VP of product, Satya Patel, to form a new venture capital firm, Fortune reported on Wednesday. According to the report, the new firm is called Homebrew and is raising $25 million for its debut fund.

Filings from the firm reviewed by the magazine said that the fund plans to back tech startups that "enable the people-based economy".

Neither men (as per SEC rules) have mentioned anything about the new project, but on his Twitter account Walk praised another fund's investment in Urban Airship and in another Tweet asked "What if FB, Paypal or Google provided free wifi to any small business that used their payment tech? Would economics work for bundling these?"

To read what Walk wrote for Fast Company about empathy and online videos click here.

[Photo by Flickr user kylemac]
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