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Tech Forecast

Is This The Google Chromebook Pixel?

How a leaked video spurred some exciting Internet rumors.

Is This The Google Chromebook Pixel?

Earlier today a video mysteriously appeared on the Google Plus site of usually well-informed Chrome expert François Beaufort that seems to be the leaked announcement or ad of the much anticipated and rumored Google Chromebook Pixel. If the video is real, the Chromebook is touch enabled and according to Beaufort, has a a screen resolution of 2560 x 1700.

It looks cool—but is it true? The path to Beaufort (and then the Internet explosion that followed) is a little murky. Beaufort found the video on a Vimeo channel owned by, whose CEO Victor Koch is a former Google engineer, TechCrunch points out. In a statement on his Google Plus, Koch wrote "Our all servers were attacked by hackers, and we apologize for the fact that many projects have been shown previously!" but seems to have not commented further.

Anyway, the video is below—if there are any readers out there with more inside info than us, please share in the comments section.

New ChromeBook - Next Generation Concept... by androidauthority

On Twitter, of course, the excitement continued to build.