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Where Are They Now?

Twitter Mobile Gets A New Look

The updated search function will make it easier for users to find tweets.

Twitter Mobile Gets A New Look

Twitter introduced new features for its mobile app on Wednesday which the company hopes will make it easier for users to find tweets and what's important to them more easily and quickly. The new features include an improved discover tab which includes all highlighted tweets, activity and trends in one column; an updated search function that displays the "most relevant mix of Tweets, photos, and accounts, all in one stream"; and hyperlinks that make it quicker to go to a story or page tweeted out on the microblogging site.

The so far mostly positive reviews of the update are some much-welcomed good news for Twitter, which has been dealing with news of security breaches this month.

For those who have access to the updates on (it hasn't seemed to go live on mobile devices yet), tell us your thoughts on the updates in the comments.

[Photo by flickr user Steve Garfield]