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Deezer's Digital Music To Hit LG, Samsung, And Toshiba Smart TVs

Music streaming newcomer Deezer lands a big TV deal.

Music streaming site Deezer has been on a tear recently, and now it's revealed it has signed perhaps its most important deal yet: Soon Deezer will be appearing on LG, Samsung, and Toshiba-branded smart TVs. This gives it a potential audience of at least 600 million people (about one in 10 on the planet!) across 150 nations. Due to limitations, only certain editions of the various manufacturers' TVs will be compatible with the app.

Unfortunately smart TV owners in the U.S. aren't going to get hold of Deezer's service any time soon, because the site has yet to launch in the country. Spotify entered the U.S. late, but has achieved much success. In late 2012 Spotify revealed it too was partnering with Samsung for smart TV access.

Would you consider accessing a music streaming service via your TV or do you prefer more traditional systems?

[Image: Flickr user lge]