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Samsung Ventures Backs CIA's Big Data Favorite Cloudant

Hey, it's secure enough for spies!

Samsung Ventures Backs CIA's Big Data Favorite Cloudant

Samsung's investment in U.S.-based companies continues, with its announcement that it is backing cloud-based mobile enterprise specialist Cloudant. The Korean firm's VC arm says that the investment will be used to aid its own R&D into mobile application data management and distribution for cloud-based content. Only yesterday, it announced a billion-dollar investment in Silicon Valley, with its Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, or SSIC, and it last year pushed $5 million the way of Delivery Agent, a TV-based e-commerce firm.

Cloudant, which specializes in data storage, processing, transfer and management, is popular with intelligence agencies including the CIA, whose success rate obviously depends on an increasing reliance on the latest technology. Back in 2010, in fact, the CIA's investment arm, In-Q-Tel, backed web monitoring firm Recorded Future, alongside a Samsung Ventures rival, Google Ventures. It is also an investor in forest-tracking firm ImageTree—perhaps to monitor any enemy spooks that might be hiding behind the nation's trunks.