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Apple's Siri May Soon Make Macs Smarter Too

A new job offering from Apple hints at bigger plans for is digital assistant.

Apple's Siri May Soon Make Macs Smarter Too

Apple's secrecy surrounding its future product is legendary but, as a new Siri-related listing reminds us, it can't protect everything about Apple tech. The job offer is very specifically related to Siri, and applicants must have "familiarity with Unix, especially Mac OS X"...and there's no mention of iOS, which is currently the only digital space that Siri lives in. The job is to implement "the content that appears within the conversational view" of Siri's reactions to commands. Apple first released Siri as an iPhone-only service, but then expanded it to the iPad—desktop Macs are currently Siri-free, though Apple has brought some of the voice recognition system to the machines via a digital dictation system.

Siri is clearly crucial to the future of Apple's computing efforts—a notion supported by mention within the new job details as it being a "miniature OS" inside the bigger OS. And it was only in January that another job offer hinted that Apple wanted to make its personal assistant much more personal, and smarter.

Do you think that smart digital assistants like Siri or its equivalent on Android machines represent the future of how we'll interact with our devices?

[Image: Flickr user acarlos1000]