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Vine Updates App, Now Comes With 17+ Rating For Risque Clips

While emphasizing social sharing, the short-video service battles its porn problem with a move borrowed from Hollywood.

Vine Updates App, Now Comes With 17+ Rating For Risque Clips

Vine, that six-second video share bought by Twitter last year, has brought in an NC-17 rating after last week' situation. You might recall that was when an X-rated video was accidentally made an editor's picks. And so, as The Verge notes, the video-sharing site's 1.0.5 update for its app now contains the little blue box asking users to confirm that they are over 17—a slo-mo video replay, if you like, of what Tumblr did last week.

The update also allows users to share their video on social media after they have posted it on Vine, with Twitter- and Facebook-share buttons. This is a fairly fast work-around to Facebook's recent blocking of third-party access to its users' data, the very same move it had busted the month before with Instagram, meaning users of the photo-sharing service couldn't post photos directly into their Twitter feed.

[Image from the App Store via The Verge]