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So What Caused The Super Bowl Blackout?

Cyber attacks were ruled out on Tuesday as fans point fingers at everyone from Beyonce to God.

So What Caused The Super Bowl Blackout?

Two days after the Super Bowl, organizers still aren't sure what caused the embarrassing (and arguably nearly game-changing) blackout, but on Tuesday authorities told Bloomberg News they had ruled out any sort of cyber attack.

According to the report, a spokesman for New Orleans-based Entergy (read more about them here) there is no internet or remote computer access to the power source inside the stadium. The FBI also told Bloomberg it had ruled out a cyber attack.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters earlier this week it was a "abnormality" in the system that caused the outage, but it was not exactly clear what happened.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, many fans had theories of their own about the power outage that arguably changed the game (though the NFL has said the theory about Beyonce causing the lights to go out is wrong).

Though not everyone seemed to mind the unexpected break.

Photo by Flickr user aukirk