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Holocaust Survivors Recording Stories In Holograms

Survivors and activists working to make sure their legacies aren't forgotten as the number of living survivors dwindle.

Holocaust Survivors Recording Stories In Holograms

Holograms aren't just to remember Tupac or Ronald Reagan by anymore. The stories of Holocaust survivors are now being told through holograms, in an attempt by USC's Shoah Foundation to preserve the stories of the survivors before they are all gone, the Associated Press reported. The project is meant to give victims a way to preserve and pass on their stories to future generations. It is also a way to battle Holocaust deniers.

The holograms were demonstrated earlier this month during a talk at USC, when a the hologram of survivor Pinchus Gutter told his story about watching his family herded into a Nazi camp's gas chambers.

The 80-year-old, according to the AP, had to sit and answer more than 500 questions about his experience to make the hologram.

[Photo courtesy of USC]