61% Of Adults Have Taken A Vacation From Facebook

Among the top reasons cited were lack of time as well as being too annoyed with the gossip on the site.

61% Of Adults Have Taken A Vacation From Facebook

Sixty-one percent of adults who are on Facebook voluntarily took a break from the social networking site for a period of several weeks or more sometime in the past and 20% of online adults who once used Facebook say they no longer do so, a new study from the Pew Research Center found.

Of the people who took the so-called “Facebook vacation”:

  • 21% said they were too busy while 10% said they just weren’t interested or didn’t have time.
  • 9% of Facebook vacationers said there was too much gossip or negativity on the site.
  • Other reasons for Facebook vacations included religious reasons (how many of you attempted to give it up for Lent?), lack of computer access, health reasons, or no reason at all.

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[Photo by Flickr user Kenzoka]