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Playboy Pics To Leap From Page Into Augmented Reality With Layar

Augmented reality tech adopted by perhaps the biggest name in porn.

Augmented reality tech is slowly emerging into the mainstream, but it just got an enormous and... ahem, busty... boost thanks to a new partnership between AR app Layar and the famous Playboy brand. Starting with the new issue, the Netherlands edition of Playboy magazine will include exclusive AR content that can only be triggered when you're using the Layar app on a smartphone.

The partnership delivers a degree of interactivity and dynamic content that is otherwise lacking from material printed on "dead" paper, and Layar's press release quotes Playboy's regional editor in chief who sees it as way to expand beyond the "limited" 114 pages of the magazine. For example the static cover is normally just an eye-catching promotional trick on a store shelf—but with Layar tech it becomes a video. This is a marketing trick, sure, but it's a clever one which enhances the sense of interactivity for the reader.

Before you tut and huff, remember the hundred-millions of dollars size of Playboy and the pornography industry itself—and that there's a definite tussle for survival among printed magazines of all types and modern digital tech.

[Image: Flickr user thure]

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