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AOL Rumored To Be Buying Peter Rojas And Ryan Block's Gdgt Site

The acquisition will bring the pair, both former editors of Engadget, back to AOL, which owns the technology website.

Gdgt, the gadget site belonging to former Engadget editors Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, could belong to AOL by the end of the week. Another AOL-owned site, TechCrunch, has the basic details of the deal, although neither side would comment, save for this from Engadget's editor-in-chief, Tim Stevens. "We respect Gdgt, we’ve been using their databox for the past year and a half, but I couldn’t comment on a possible acquisition," he said.

AOL, which has been pretty aggressive on the editorial acquisition front, with HuffPo, Engadget and all part of their stable, already seems to have some kind of agreement with Gdgt, using as it does Gdgt widgets. Two years ago, most of Engadget's staff walked out to form The Verge amidst rumors of unhappiness with AOL's editorial policy.