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Jawbone Beefs Up With MassiveHealth And Visere Acquisitions

The trio will merge design, data, hardware, and software to create a healthcare super-company.

Jawbone, maker of the UP personal-wellness tracking wristband, announced double-whammy acquisitions of mobile health app maker MassiveHealth and design firm Visere.

"The smartest minds of our generation shouldn’t be working on getting us more addicted to Facebook or Twitter; they should be working on helping us get—and stay—healthy," MassiveHealth cofounder Aza Raskin told Fast Company back in October.

Jawbone recently re-released the Up in November, after 3 million hours of user testing. (The first version of the wristband, which debuted in 2011, was pulled from store shelves after a month.)

[Image: Flickr user Micky**]