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Apple Beats Nokia In Global Net Traffic On Mobiles

It's bad news for Nokia as the company scrambles to establish a foothold in the smartphone and tablet markets.

Apple Beats Nokia In Global Net Traffic On Mobiles

Company StatCounter regularly investigates the differing streams of Net traffic swirling though the world's websites in the interests of knowing where the globe's Netizens are and what devices they're using. And January 2013's data contains an interesting surprise: For the first time Apple has superseded Nokia as the number one vendor in terms of global mobile internet access.

The data cover devices like smartphones and other units like the iPod touch, but not tablets (but if it did, it's still likely Apple's dominance of this market wouldn't adjust its position in StatCounter's ranking). Apple had a 25.86% share of the market, over Nokia's 22.15% and Samsung's 22.69%. This comes even as the rapidly expanding smartphone market has seen Apple's overall share slip slightly, despite the fact it shipped more units this year than last.

Nokia's future is pinned on its success in this market with its line of Windows-powered Lumia phones. Meanwhile Nokia's efforts in the equally critical tablet game have remained largely a mystery, but this week its CEO has given a huge hint that Windows-powered tablets are en route. The tablets will follow in the footsteps of Microsoft's own Surface devices, and may come in both iPad mini and iPad-rivaling sizes. Their arrival date remains unknown.

[Image: Flickr user philon]