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Anonymous Doxes 4,000 Bank Execs

Anonymous hacktivists leaked the personal information of 4,000 American bank executives to Pastebin and a hacked government website.

Anonymous Doxes 4,000 Bank Execs

Loose-knit activist collective Anonymous doxed 4,000 American bank executives by posting partial internet login credentials and personal information such as addresses and phone numbers to a state government website. Anonymous leaked the information through Pastebin and a randomly chosen government website with low security, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center. According to posts made on Twitter, the move was part of OpLastResort, a vigilante effort to force the government to reform computer crime law in the wake of Aaron Swartz's death.

Last week, Anonymous turned the website of the United States Sentencing Commission into a game of Asteroids in retribution for Swartz's death, which they believe was caused by a combination of ambiguous computer crimes laws and overzealous prosecutors.

[Image: Flickr user Liryon]