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Nokia's Giant PureView Camera Is Coming To Lumia Phones

41 megapixels should be enough for any camera.

Nokia's Giant PureView Camera Is Coming To Lumia Phones

A recent rumor hinted that it would happen, but now the Guardian newspaper is saying it's heard from industry insiders that Nokia is indeed going to bring its full high-resolution PureView imaging system to its key Lumia range of Windows smartphones. This means the Lumia "EOS" will likely sport a similar sort of 41-megapixel imaging system that Nokia tried to wow the world with in the pre-Lumia 808 smartphone from early 2012.

Nokia's flagship Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphone was noted for its lack of high-res camera when it arrived at the end of 2012, and it seems Nokia listened and will try to make its smartphones stand out in the market by adding in the super-sized sensor after all. Whether it'll work as a marketing tactic is unclear—though it's drawn some praise, the consumer may be wary of such an obvious play in the "megapixel wars," and Nokia's market share in smartphones isn't particularly positive for the company's future. There's also the slight worry that Canon has long been owner of the EOS line of SLR cameras.

[Image: Flickr user farhan]