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Where Are They Now?

Apple Embraces Its Green Side With An Eco-Friendlier Campus In Austin

You can go check out the new campus when it is finished... in 2021.

Apple Embraces Its Green Side With An Eco-Friendlier Campus In Austin

More details are emerging from this amazingly-named local condo blog—take a bow, Austin Towers!— about Apple's soon-to-be-built campus in Austin, Texas, with an estimated cost of around $304 million. Of the plot, around one million square feet is expected to be built on, comprising of seven buildings. And, while the design is more conventional than the company's new Cupertino site, Apple has changed some of the existing plans in order to green-ify the site. Here's a summary of what you can expect, although construction is not expected to be finished until 2021.

  • All the original heritage trees on the site—large ones, that is—will be retained.
  • The original idea of surface parking spaces has been replaced by three garages that will have a capacity of 5,500 cars in total. One of these garages should be completed by the time the first office building is done.
  • A reduction of total impervious cover (that's concrete or asphalt driveways to us mere mortals) has been reduced from 80% to 55%. They will be replaced by pedestrian courts and corridors.

Apple hasn't always found it easy to be environmentally friendly. Some of its products have, in the past, attracted the ire of NGOs such as Greenpeace, while the firm's manufacturing process in China is monitored by Ma Jun, head of the country's environmental watchdog. But will its Austin campus be as green as this building, Seattle's Bullitt Center?

You can see an image of the plan here.

[Image by Flickr user Cody Abrames]