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Apple Launches Vanity URLs For Easier App Promotion, Discovery

Apple's tweaked its systems, so finding one app out of 800,000 should be much simpler.

Apple Launches Vanity URLs For Easier App Promotion, Discovery

As revealed in a Super Bowl ad for Star Trek: Into Darkness, Apple has now launched a new system using vanity URLs for app developers on its iPhone and iPad iOS platform. The URLs are linked after the address and Apple's explained to developers that you can adjust these links between individual app names and the company name (and between the Mac App Store and the iOS one).

Apple already has distinct URLs for its apps so that users can look up the details on a website, but the new system promises to be much easier to access from a consumer point of view simply because it's more memorable. Apple recently revealed that there are over 800,000 apps on the iOS app store, so app discovery is a critical part of the business from a developer point of view. A separate push is attempting to get ".app" registered as a new global Top Level Domain name, in a different but equally simplified vanity promotion to Apple's.