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Tide, Oreo Jump On Blackout Bandwagon With Social Ads As Super Bowl Briefly Delayed At Superdome

The momentum came to a screeching halt in the third quarter leaving some to wonder if someone in Louisiana forgot to pay the electricity bill.

UPDATE: The lights are (mostly) back on, and the game is back in progress.

Did Beyonce's blowout performance blow a fuse or two in the Superdome?

Lights went partially out in the middle of the Super Bowl, leaving viewers across the country scratching their heads.

Meanwhile, my colleague Teressa Iezzi noted that Oreo (above) was quick to put out a power outage-related Twitter ad. Oreo put out its first Super Bowl ad this year and launched a social media campaign around the big event, as well.

The infamous purveyor of cookie sandwiches wasn't the only brand to jump on the blackout bandwagon; Tide, Calvin Klein, and Walgreens got in on the action, too (thanks to readers @happyfeet_a and @CourtneyDavis for tipping us off).

Twitter later revealed just how fast and furious some marketers were with their social ad buys:

Meanwhile, my colleague Jason Feifer used the outage as an opportunity to exercise his signature wit on Vine:

While we wait for power to come back on, now is as good a time as any to review the best and worst ads of tonight's show.