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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Rotten Apple, Trump Smackdown, And More

Watch people lay a virtual smackdown on Donald Trump and peep some of the top Super Bowl ads of 2013 in this week’s top 10.

1. From Phones To Tablets: 26 Apple Designs That Never Came To Be
Check out some of Apple’s goofiest designs that never made it to market. Wonder why…

2. Why You Should Work From A Coffee Shop, Even When You Have An Office
Fast Company
Wesley Verhoeve makes the case for breaking up your work routine to stimulate creativity and also offers advice on how to maximize your coffee time.

3. Why Apple Is Losing Its Aura
Apple may be losing its magic in the post-Jobs era. Here’s why.

4. How To Develop Strong Time-Management Habits, Even If You’ve Failed In The Past
Fast Company
Wasting time at work? Follow these steps to make sure you get to the good stuff.

5. Super Bowl 2013: See The Spots
Get a sneak peek at the best ads of the Super Bowl. Who doesn’t love The Rock?

6. Why Tweaking Your Career Vocabulary Can Radically Improve Your Life
Fast Company
Tired of the status quo at work? Retooling your vocabulary may improve your perspective.

7. Infographic: The Many Epic Smackdowns Of Donald Trump
There has never been a better idea for an infographic than a smackdown on The Donald.

8. See The Best Super Bowl Spot So Far, For Taco Bell
It looks like everyone is looking to LIVE MAS (or at least nosh on some late night chalupas).

9. 5 Insanely Simple Work-Life Balance Shortcuts From People Who “Have It All”
Fast Company
Following these steps will ensure that you can have your cake and eat it too (or at least have enough time to make it to the gym).

10. These Airbags For Cyclists Might Save Your Life When A Car Slams Into You
The Netherlands is researching external car airbags to protect pedestrians and cyclists. The results look promising–and quite a bit more comfortable than a windshield.

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