Need A Moonbase? The E.U. Will Print You One…On The Moon

The European Space Agency is planning experiments into printing habitable structures out of moon dust.

Need A Moonbase? The E.U. Will Print You One…On The Moon

Building a moon base is a tricky task because in theory you have to haul every bit of equipment you’d need off the surface of the Earth into orbit, then bus it over to the Moon and land it on the Lunar soil. It promises to be a hugely complex, expensive and risky business. Which explains why the European Space Agency is experimenting with 3-D printing, with the intention of mixing moon dust with some other chemicals and then printing out buildings on the moon’s surface.

It’s a plan that makes sense in a large number of ways, and there’s already a growing precedent in the form of 3-D printed building projects here on Earth. And lest you worry the results will be ugly, famous architects Foster & Partners are involved in the plan.

Is this plan as crazy as it sounds, or do you believe it’s better than launching huge rocket after huge rocket to establish a Lunar base?

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