How To Win In Super Bowl Social Media

Webby Awards executive director David-Michel Davies has some suggestions.

How To Win In Super Bowl Social Media

Much like it is for the commercials (oh the commercials), the crab dip and the beer, the Super Bowl has potential for being a huge boon for social media for businesses and individuals trying to make a splash. We spoke to Webby Awards executive director David-Michel Davies for some tips on how to capture the social audience (while watching the big game).

1. Be prepared beforehand (like advertisers are, too): “Make sure you’re following the right accounts to make sure where the discussion is and what it is about and what people are paying attention to,” he suggests. Some of his suggestions: Adrants, NFL Live host Trey Lingo, Sportsnation personalities, BuzzFeed Sports and “any other types of favorite or controversial people.”

2. Chime in to the conversation: “The main thing that we see as it relates to keening lots of new followers and tapping into or becoming part of a meme is somehow participating in a conversation in a unqiue way and somehow creating media on your own.” Examples? Veronica DeSouza with the Binders Full of Women tumblr and Ian Schafer’s “Invisible Obama” from the Republican Convention. “Content is the key thing and funny content is generally what works on the internet but it doesnt have to be funny,” Davies said.

3. Try a radical idea: “Get yourself set up with a Twitter promoted account ahead of time and then using paid promoted tweets to really launch yourself into the conversation,” he suggested. But, Davies cautioned, use the right tone. ” There’s a certain of humility to it — you’re using money to promote your tweets.” But it could be hilarious: “I do think it would be really funny,” he said. “Just the concept of individual people spending money to ride the Twitter wave.”

Marketing experts, what are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments. For a Fast Company discussion on how to win the (advertising) Super Bowl click here.

[Photo by Flickr user Keith Allison]