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Over Half Feel Social Networking Is A Workplace Privacy Pest

A new survey reveals the majority of people feel like social networking erodes the privacy of their workplaces.

Over Half Feel Social Networking Is A Workplace Privacy Pest

The Digital Diaries report is a recurring study by AVG Technologies into how modern social tech impacts our lives: Its latest survey has demonstrated a fascinating, perhaps worrying trend in terms of privacy invasion by social networks. Over 50% of the 4,000 people questioned by AVG in 10 different nations said that they've felt their privacy in the workplace being eroded by social media. Many had, as a result, chosen to stop using the services.

The kind of thing that's upsetting folks is stumbling across colleagues' social discussions concerning them, or finding that photos or videos of them have been uploaded for sharing. Around 10% of respondees noted this behavior. The problem is largely unregulated, and as TheNextWeb notes, it's only survey respondees in the U.K. and Australia that said their company had an official cyber-bullying policy.

The report demonstrates that social networking is a double-edged blade, particularly at work, and will be bad news for Mark Zuckerberg's crusade to erode privacy norms.

Have you ever suffered from this sort of issue?

[Image: Flickr user webtreatsetc]