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We Were Hacked By The Chinese Too, Says Wall Street Journal

The news comes a day after the New York Times splashed on its own cyber troubles, and points to a pattern of increasing attacks on U.S. media groups.

We Were Hacked By The Chinese Too, Says Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has also fallen foul of Chinese hackers—and not for the first time, publisher Dow Jones & Co. said last night. There have been several attempts on the newspaper's computer system over the past few years, with the most recent one in 2012, when the FBI discovered data that had originated from the media firm's Beijing office. Several of its staff in the city were targeted, including Jeremy Page and Bureau Chief Andrew Browne.

The FBI has been focusing on the targeting of media outfits as a hacking target for over a year now, considering it a matter of national security. Computer systems at Bloomberg and Reuters had also both been targeted, with the hackers breaching Reuters' online security twice, while Bloomberg's system withstood the assault. Although it has not been officially confirmed, the Wall Street Journal claims that several people connected with the agency's investigation are saying that one group of hackers is behind the attacks on the media, with the Wall Street Journal describing it as "relatively unsophisticated but persistent attempts to gain access."

The news comes 24 hours after the New York Times revealed that it had been victim of a four-month sustained attack, with the perpetrators most likely coming from the Chinese mainland. While China's (spokes)man in Washington called the allegations "irresponsible," a man from the country's Foreign Ministry said that cyber attacks were "transnational and anonymous," and that it was "unprofessional" to speculate the source of the hack.

[Image by Flickr user Infrogmation]