7 Places To Watch Videos On Vine, Even If You Don’t Have The App

Thanks to Vine, there are more websites than ever that let you watch videos of strangers.

Vine, the video app Twitter launched this week amidst an awkward porn snafu, is great for sharing quick, six-second clips via your iPhone. But on the web, it’s difficult to find other videos to watch, unless your friends are sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. So, naturally, a growing list of websites has taken on the task of grouping and organizing Vines, for your viewing pleasure. Here’s a crash course in seven web apps that turn Vines into the realest of reality TV:


One of the most popular Vine apps out right now, Vinepeek lets you sit back and watch an endless stream of six-second loops, culling the latest Vines and displaying them in real-time. There’s no discernible content filter, so you have no control over what comes on the screen, making the experience slightly disconcerting and wholly absorbing. The coolest feature: You can record Vines you like and Vinepeek will store them till the end of your session.

Vinesmap takes geotagged Vines and plots them on a map of the world, powered by OpenStreetMap data. Vinesmap would be far more interesting if you could actually choose the Vines on the map you wanted to watch, but it’s a useful visual tool to see where people are recording from most.

All Around The Vines
Sure, videos recorded with a smartphone aren’t the greatest quality, but that doesn’t make the full-browser experience of All Around The Vines any less compelling. Tweets are transposed on top of the videos, along with when they were posted, and you can choose from a few basic hashtags such as food, fashion, and nature.


Because no burgeoning digital platform would be complete without the Internet’s unofficial mascot. Nine cute and furry Vines simultaneously play to overwhelming effect. Creators q30design say they “take no responsibility for non-cat imagery or videos that are less than purr-fect.” Consider yourself warned.

VineRoulette contains considerably less genitalia than its namesake sibling, ChatRoulette. The full-screen Vine collage loads dozens of videos at a time, which means it can take awhile to load. But it also comes with a handy search bar that lets you go exploring. (Try stop motion.)

A simple, clear grid of nine assorted Vines that refresh automatically. Hover over a clip to hear the audio, and click on a clip to go to the original Vine post.


Just Vined
Just Vined is the most visually overstimulating of the bunch, playing 20 Vines at once. Click on a video to watch it in pop-up mode.


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