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Regulations Stop Mac Pro Sales In Europe, New Computer Still En Route

After March 1 Apple's top-end professional Mac desktop computer won't be on sale in the E.U. At least temporarily.

Regulations Stop Mac Pro Sales In Europe, New Computer Still En Route

Website 9to5Mac is reporting that the Mac Pro will be removed from sale in the E.U. as of March 1, 2013. The reason is that Amendment 1 of E.U. regulation IEC 69050-1 (second edition) becomes active on that date, and the Pro is said to be uncompliant. The regulation has to do with the safety of information tech equipment, in particular how electrical cabling and components are constructed.

A lot of media attention has been focussed on the Mac Pro as it's Apple's highest-end product that's nearly always been aimed at professional users. Apple hasn't radically updated the core components or design for a significant time, leading to (apparently substantiated) worry it was going to cut the line. Tim Cook did move to allay some of those fears in 2012 with a comment that a new Pro was due in late 2013.

Fast Company has confirmed the news. Resellers will be able to continue selling extant stock after the date, and ruling only affects the EU and no other countries—where the Pro will remain on sale.

The Pro, while an expensive machine, is evidently not a top revenue-earner for Apple, and we can infer Apple's going to stick to its own product development timescales, rather than diverting engineers off their main task on other products, ahead of schedule.

[Image: Flickr user juanpol]