Dropbox Reveals A Future Where More ‘Content’ Is Shared, Less Files

Dropbox plans to add features that will turn it from a personal file share/locker business into a broader content-delivery one.

Dropbox Reveals A Future Where More ‘Content’ Is Shared, Less Files

Dropbox is amazingly popular as a cloud-based file locker, or for small scale sharing of files between individual users–but the company just revealed some new features that begin to take it in a new direction for 2013. Instead of merely being about single file transport, Dropbox is going to become more of a content delivery system. It’s going to have a photo albums feature with an intelligent awareness of groupings into “albums”, previews for documents like PDFs and more integration with social networks.

These services are familiar to Netizens who’ve used Apple’s iCloud or Google’s various cloud-based systems, of course. But this move does represent an awareness in Dropbox that it can’t remain a one-trick pony in a world where cloud services are changing every day.

Can Dropbox become the cloud services content sharing site everyone loves? Or will it lose out to moves by Google, Apple and Microsoft to steal its turf? Tell us in the comment section.

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