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HMV Employee Live-Tweets Layoffs From Company's Twitter Account, @HMVTweets

The tweets have since been deleted, but see the screencaps below. The British electronics retailer laid off 190 people on Thursday after dismal holiday sales pushed the chain into bankruptcy.

So much for going out quietly: As HMV Group laid off numerous employees today after dismal holiday sales, at least one took to Twitter to broadcast the news from the company's official account.

The tweets, which have since been deleted, came days after the company announced it was entering administration (more details on what that means here but it's basically bankruptcy). The 91-year-old chain seems to have fallen on tough times after, like many music stores, failing to find a way to compete with online options.

A spokesperson for Deloitte, which is managing the company's administration, confirmed to Sky News that they had laid off 190 staffers."