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Call It A Comeback? BlackBerry's Z10 And BB10 Get Loads Of Twitter Love, Positive Reviews

The biggest problem seems to be the phone's camera. And, of course, not everyone is convinced the company can survive.

BlackBerry's release of the BlackBerry Z10 may have not garnered the same type of hype that other tech releases have received on YouTube but it may be one of the best-reviewed moves by the company yet. (Though not everyone was delighted.)

The New York Timesgave the new BlackBerry 10 operating system a very positive review and on Twitter, technophiles seemed pleasantly surprised with the new features (few, however, seemed to care about Alicia Keys' new role in the company).

The Twittersphere did seem less enthusiastic about the BlackBerry Z10's camera, which could dissuade many from buying the new device — especially since that's something that Apple and Samsung have worked to improve on their phones.

Could this be enough to get BlackBerry back in the mainstream? Or is the end nigh?

Photo by Flickr user Official Blackberry Images