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Nokia's HERE Maps System To Go Into New Toyotas

A deal between Nokia and Toyota Motor Europe will see the cell phone maker's local search power in future Toyota cars.

Nokia's HERE Maps System To Go Into New Toyotas

Nokia's revealed that its HERE navigation and mapping platform will go into future Toyota's in-car digital systems to give drivers "fast and easy online access to the latest high-quality industry mapping information and community-generated content." Essentially this means that Toyota cars will have an in-built navigation system and location-aware information system powered by Nokia. The Finnish cell phone maker also notes that Toyota Motor Europe will collaborate with Nokia to experiment on other systems that will use its digital know-how.

Nokia is becoming a name of note in the digital mapping game, even as its core cell phone business seems to be falling behind the competition thanks to weak smartphone sales. In-car digital systems sourced from third parties with the right expertise are a growing market, as increasing penetration into the market by Apple's Siri demonstrates.

[Image: Flickr user treevillage]