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Sony Pictures Signs Exclusive Deal With U.K.'s Sky, Stymies Netflix

Sony has signed an deal to put its movie content on Sky TV systems in the U.K., frustrating web-based newcomers.

A new deal between Sony Pictures and Sky has given the U.K. broadcaster an exclusive access to its movies for TV showing six months after they hit the big screen. The movies are then tied up for at least a year to Sky. As recently as September, Sky signed a similar deal with Warner Brothers.

Despite picking up a million subscribers just seven months after launching in the U.K. in 2012, Netflix, thanks to this deal, will now seem a slightly paler competitor to Sky's already dominant TV services. Both services also face competition from Lovefilm, which Amazon bought in 2011, and at the time was considered Europe's answer to Netflix.

[Image: Flickr user mattjnewman]